Dear Health Care Family,

   Family . . . that is how I would describe the caregivers that served my mother. During the six weeks of 24/7 care that was provided
   by your company, the caregivers not only attended to the needs of my mother but took a personal interest in her. They became like
   members of my family.

   All of the ladies that cared for my mom were professional in every way. I would like to add that Pam, Jane, and Cynthia were

   If the need arises in the future, I will definitely call on A & T Moore Health Care.

   Helen H.


"[A&T Moore Health Care was] responsive to our questions and generous with their insights and knowledge."
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"[Mom] enjoyed having her care\takers
there in the evenings to play cards, chat,
and watch TV."
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"It's comforting to know I can pick up the phone and get the help I need."
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