My mother lives in an independent living apartment, which is appropriate for her needs at this time. She broke her hip a year ago,
   shortly after my step-father had passed away. I was concerned that independent living would no longer be an option. I was referred
   to A & T Moore by several people at Eden Terrace.

   It was such a relief to have friendly, caring people with Mom when I could not be available. When she got back on her feet, we
   realized she enjoyed having her caretakers there in the evenings to play cards, chat and watch TV. These are the hours she missed
   the company of her husband the most, as well as the time that I needed to be with my family.

   It is such a blessing to know that mother is happy in the evenings several times a week when she can’t be with us. Her caregivers
   have definitely improved the quality of her life.

   - Carole D.


"Utilizing A&T Moore has given me peace of mind in selecting caregivers for my father."
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"The caregivers not only attended to the needs of my mother but took a personal interest in her."
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"I was lucky, when the time came to address this aspect of caring for Dad, I was able to reach out to a family run business that has many deep roots in the community and is passionate about what they do."
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